Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Effective with the start of fall classes, College of Santa Fe is now Santa Fe University of Art and Design. This new name powerfully reflects our mission and vision while also recognizing and upholding the reputation of the college and its students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Our new name strongly supports both our current and future programs in art and design.

Our college is rich in tradition as a beacon of the arts in the Santa Fe community, and our new name enhances the university's connection to the creative and artistic traditions of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

We understand there are many schools to choose from. So what makes Santa Fe University of Art and Design unique?

  • Santa Fe University of Art and Design is a place where study and practice of art and design is 100% of the focus of the students and faculty.
  • Students can learn their discipline in an environment where art is all around them. Fellow students are “like-kind”—artists who understand the need to create and provide opportunity for collaboration, feedback and critique.
  • Programs build upon the “art” of each profession as a foundation for study. Santa Fe University of Art and Design faculty are renowned, practicing artists who are passionate about helping young artists and designers cultivate their individual talents.
  • We offer study abroad programs for students throughout the Laureate International Universities network.
  • Santa Fe University of Art and Design has an esteemed group of alumni, faculty, and staff.
  • Santa Fe is a place where students can avoid distractions and focus on art and creating in a
    nurturing and engaging environment. Students attending Santa Fe University of Art and Design live in a community filled with art galleries and museums, and mingle with renowned artists and performers from around the world.

We welcome you to visit our school and our community.

About Santa Fe University of Art and Design

We believe the world needs your art, and at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, it's our responsibility to nurture, challenge, and cultivate your talent so that it continues to flourish. We don't try to create a specific type of student—we meet you where you are and help you accomplish what you want to do. We favor freedom in all its forms and encourage new expressions. Our goal is to bring out your talents, your vision, and your perspectives. Discover the richness and passion of Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Focus on Craftsmanship

Santa Fe University of Art and Design is dedicated to helping students like you align with their talents and potential. We focus on the practical application of knowledge, and we emphasize technique. We offer structure and guidance while providing space to experiment, build confidence, and hone new skills. Core classes are more than just “101” courses. They are topic-related courses that can be applied to and translated into new ideas.

Creative Freedom

The learning environment at Santa Fe University of Art and Design supports all types of art. It offers you the freedom to be the artist you aspire to become, without judgment.


You can collaborate with students in other departments, broadening your perspectives and expanding your expression into new media and art forms.


The city of Santa Fe is a hotbed of artistic expression. Thousands of professional artists live here and show their work in our city's 300 galleries. Santa Fe has the third largest art market in the United States, and internationally renowned artists and writers make frequent guest appearances on campus and in the community.


Explore the full diversity of Santa Fe University of Art and Design's programs to find the one that best matches your talents and ambitions. At the heart of all programs is a rigorous liberal arts core curriculum predicated on vital skills that we believe all educated persons should possess.


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About The University of New Mexico

Founded in 1889, The University of New Mexico now occupies 600 acres along old Route 66 in the heart of Albuquerque , a city of more than 700,000 people. From the magnificent mesas to the west, past the banks of the historic Rio Grande to the Sandia Mountains to the east, Albuquerque is a blend of culture and cuisine, styles and stories, people, pursuits and panoramas.

Offering a distinctive campus environment with a Pueblo Revival architectural theme, the campus echoes the buildings of nearby Pueblo Indian villages. The nationally recognized Campus Arboretum and the popular Duck Pond offer an outstanding botanical experience in the midst of one of New Mexico's great public open spaces.

Campus Safety

Campus safety protects students, faculty, staff and visitors at the University of New Mexico. Contribute to campus safety by becoming informed, staying alert and using good judgment. Take advantage of the features on this site to help protect you and ensure the safety of the UNM community.

Campus Safety 101

UNM is pleased to present Campus Safety 101 , a crime prevention video for students. This short 15-minute video highlights the most critical aspects of campus safety for new and returning students residing on campus.

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With more than 200 top-quality academic degree programs, there's no career, no future - no life - you can't reach when you begin at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. A leading research university, with renowned faculty and exceptional facilities for learning and exploring, UNM is also one of the best educational values in the country.

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Information and Programs

Applications and Fees

Applications and fees are applicable for one year (or four consecutive semesters). If you do not register for the session requested on your application and wish to postpone enrollment to a subsequent semester, you must notify the Office of Admissions at (505) 277-2447. If you do not enroll within that time period, a new application and fee are required.


For information regarding residency, visit the Office of the Registrar's page on Residency Information .

Social Security Numbers

The Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires that you be notified that disclosure of your Social Security Number is mandatory based on university regulations. Your SSN is used to ensure an accurate academic record and to provide full access to all services, such as financial aid. Your SSN will not be used as your primary University identification number. If you are unable to provide a Social Security Number, the university will assign an alternative number to you. This will not impact the admission decision.

Confidentiality of Records

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