Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center

New Physical Rehab Unit Now Open

Rehabilitaiton is a type of treatment designed to promote recovery from injury, illness, or disease. Inpatient physical rehabilitation provides an opportunity for recovery like no outpatient or skilled nursing facility can offer. Our new facility is open and ready to meet the needs of our community. Call (575) 443-7850 if you have any questions or if you would like more information.

After the Stork

The Maternal Child Unit offers a unique store to meet the needs of newborns and their mothers. After the Stork is located in the Maternal Child Unit. They are open Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 1pm. Breastfeeding pumps are now available for rent or purchase. Call (575) 443-7652 for information about pump supplies and breastfeeding assistance.

Statement of Philosophy

The Board of Directors of Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center believe the following principles should guide our facility in carrying out its mission:

  • We are committed to providing quality care to our patients in a compassionate manner, at fair and reasonable charges related to costs.
  • We are committed to participate in personal and business activities benefitting our community, county and state.
  • We are committed to a thorough and thoughtful planning process that will guide the destiny of Gerald Champion Regional Medial Center.
  • We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and rendering our services always on a high, ethical level.
  • We recognize our people as one of our most valuable assets and are committed to an organizational structure that encourages innovationand creativity, seeks and retains talent, and closely relates performance and rewards.
  • We support a decentralized management whereby professional leadership will provide a climate of high expectation, trust and integrity.
  • We will support and encourage management and employees to work cooperatively with physicians to deliver health care effectively without conflict of interest.
  • We are committed to maintaining a viable financial position that will provide the resources necessary to maintain qualified staff, equipment and facilities, develop new services, and provide the flexibility necessary to respond to changing market conditions.
  • We are committed to expanding access to quality healthcare for all citizens of Otero County.

Physician Directory - By Name

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Last Name Name Phone
Abood Ferial Abood, MD 575-439-8220
Aday Brent Aday, MD 575-437-7000
Alqassem Nasser Alqassem, MD 575-437-8411
Alvarez Sergio Alvarez, M.D. 915-861-9191
Anderson John Anderson, DPM 575-434-0639
Anireddy Gary Anireddy, MD (575) 434-2965
Austin * Arthur Austin, MD (575) 443-7843
Banikarim Kay Banikarim, MD (575) 443-8442
Bankston Chandi Bankston, D.O. 575-437-5716
Berggren Kimberly A Berggren, PAC (575) 439-6100
Bernat Peter Bernat, MD (575) 437-8126
Birnbaum * David Birnbaum, MD (575) 443-6262
Bossert Gerald R Bossert, PAC (575) 439-6100
Burpee Elizabeth Burpee, MD (575) 443-7854
Butz Brett Butz, M.D. (575) 437-0159
Byrne Gregory Byrne, MD (575) 439-6100
Charlton Gregory Charlton, M.D. 915-861-9191
Creel Christopher Creel, M.D. (575) 998-3096
Dodson Douglas Dodson, DO 575-434-0639
Fellers Neal Fellers, M.D. (575) 443-0323
Fierro Perez * Alex A Fierro Perez, MD (575) 434-1500
Fillmore Parley Fillmore, M.D. 575-434-1200
Fowler Robin J. Fowler, M.D. (575) 437-0159
Freeh Eric Freeh, DO 575-434-0639
Frost Timothy Frost, MD 575-437-4533
George Christiane George, D.O. 575- 585-1250
Goldfein Nathan Goldfein, MD (575) 434-6100
Grummert * Sandra Grummert, M.D. 575-446-5900
Ham Donald Ham, MD (575) 434-1200
Hamilton Chanse Hamilton, FNP (575) 439-6100
Hanumandla Sarojana Hanumandla, M.D. 575-434-2965
Hobson Chris Hobson, CNP (575) 443-7854
Hord Allan H. Hord, M.D. 575-437-0159
Jackson Mark R Jackson, MD (575) 439-6100
Jun Sungho Jun, MD (575) 437-8828
Kelly Ken Kelly, MD (575) 439-6100
Kevan Jonathan Kevan, M.D. (575) 572-2778
Khawaja Waseem A Khawaja, MD (575) 439-6100
Koganti Madhuri Koganti, M.D. (575) 439-9000
Konstantinova Teodora Konstantinova, MD (575) 439-6100
Korec Stefan Korec, MD (575) 437-8126
Koski-Vogt * Mary Koski-Vogt, CNM (575) 434-2229
Lancaster * Andrew Lancaster, M.D. (575) 446-5100
Lawrence Mary Ellen Lawrence, MD (575) 443-7854
Laws * George Laws, M.D. (575) 437-0639
Lindley * Norman Lindley, M.D. (575) 434-2229
Lockett Mark D Lockett, MD (575) 439-6100
Luce Mark Luce, MD (575) 439-6100
Mansoor * Shahid Mansoor, MD (575) 446-5100
Massoud * George Massoud, M.D. (575) 434-3225
Mazzoncini Joseph Mazzoncini, MD (575) 439-6100
McCarty Debra McCarty, MD (575) 572-5064
Mehta Nikhil K Mehta, MD (575) 439-6100
Moezzi Dan Moezzi, MD (575) 443-0339
Montoya Sylvia Montoya, MD (575) 682-2542
Montoya * Donald Montoya, MD (575) 434-2229
Moolamalla * Surjit Moolamalla, MD (575) 434-2229
Paul Allan Paul, M.D. (575) 437-5595
Paylor * Shauna Paylor, M.D. (575) 434-5195
Peterson Dawn Peterson, DO (575) 443-7854
Pollard William Pollard, MD (575) 437-2244
Race Charles Mark Race, MD (575) 446-5900
Rappaport Valerie Rappaport, MD (505) 272-6611
Richards Kent Richards, MD (575) 522-5353
Richardson Greg Richardson, MD (575) 437-2244
Rickman Allan Rickman, MD (575) 434-0639
Riegal Angela Riegal, DO (575) 572-2778
Sampath * Ruthven Sampath, MD (575) 443-2999
Siebel Gary Siebel, MD (575) 439-6100
Simmons John Paul Simmons, MD (575) 434-0901
Singh Jagdev Singh, MD (575) 437-1900
Smaltz Robert Smaltz, MD (575) 437-4909
Smith Steven Smith, P.A. (575) 439-6100
Spencer Loren Spencer, DPM (575) 434-0639
Starr * Larry Starr, MD (575) 434-1500
Starr * Nancy Starr, MD (575) 434-1500
Stewart John Stewart, M.D. (505) 998-3096
Tucker Elizabeth M. Tucker, DO (575) 439-9997
Whittington * Sarah Whittington, CNM (575) 434-2229
Wolfe Stephen Wolfe, DO (575) 439-6100
Worthington * Dennis Worthington, M.D. (575) 446-5940
Yang Michelle Yang, MD (575) 437-9900

* Hospital Employed Physicians

Statement of Mission

In order to provide general direction for Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, the Board of Directors hereby adopts the following statements of overall mission for our facility:

Our Mission Statement:
To provide quality healthcare services to our customers.

Our Quality Commitment
To strive to provide and continually improve the quality and scope of services provided to our community. To provide modern equipment and facilities and plan for the capital structure necessary to accomplish same. To recognize that delivery of quality care requires a financially viable institution, and that excellence and financial solvency go hand-in-hand.

To establish a culture that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of issues in a non-punitive environment to promote legal compliance and continuous quality improvement.

Our Patient Commitment
To approach all of our patients as guests and to recognize each as the very cornerstone of our overall purpose.

Our Physician Commitment
To create an environment for our medical staff in which they may render services of a professional and personal nature so as to cement the physician-patient relationship in a strong and lasting bond.

Our Employee Commitment
To provide an environment for our employees that will encourage innovation and dedication via a participative management system and one that relates performance and rewards.

Our Future Commitment
To maintain an organizational posture that fosters flexibility, decisiveness, and responsiveness to change.


The rich history of GCRMC proves a community that comes together can accomplish great things. From the early conception in 1948 when Gerald Champion and other community leaders decided to provide Otero County with a hospital of its own to the opening in August 1949. Mr. Champion died before the opening of the new hospital and the hospital received his name. Sixty-two years later, this hospital still belongs to the community of Alamogordo.

Many renovations and expansions saw Gerald Champion Memorial Hospital reach its maximum growth in 1996 and plans began to focus on building a new facility. Once again our Board of directors were focused on the community. This time a priority was bringing the Holloman Air Force and Alamogordo communities together utilizing one hospital for inpatient services. There was no blueprint for this model , but there were dedicated men and women from both communities with vision. Many trips to Washington DC resulted in this first unique relationship of a shared facility. Physicians from HAFB have full admission status at GCRMC to treat Department of Defense patients and their dependents.

Since December 2010, this shared- facility model has been in existence for 11 years. We all agree it has been a great success story . The future holds many possibilities for this facility and the community that was not afraid to do something different . GCRMC will continue its commitment to technological excellence, maintaining state of the art capabilities in the services that are provided, developing new services, recruiting new physicians and continuing to enhance the existing electronic medical record as priorities for our future. GCRMC is ranked among the top five percent of hospitals in the United States for levels of completion in their electronic medical record.

Our Commitment to Service While You Are in Our Care

  • The staff at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center is committed to providing safe, courteous, professional service in a caring and respectful manner.
  • We will provide information to you and your designated family members graciously and frequently, with respect for patient confidentiality.
  • We strive to limit wait times. We will notify you of unexpected delays. Please feel free to ask if you have concerns about the length of your wait time.
  • While you are a guest of our facility, we will work to remove barriers that complicate the process of accessing care.
  • We realize your diet may vary during illness. Our goal is to prepare meals that meet your satisfaction, while adhering to your prescribed diet.
  • Recognizing the unavoidable discomforts of many illnesses, we will maximize our capacity as care givers to minimize pain & discomfort. Please don't hesitate to ask for our services.
  • When you are discharged from our facility, we will provide you with written instructions to promote your recovery. We will work to educate patients and families in their healthcare needs.
  • Healthcare billing can be complicated and confusing. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the billing process.